Digital Content Producer guyadamson 1 February 2024

Digital Content ProducerGibraltar Hotel Bowral

Hospitality, Accommodations & Lodging, Food & Beverage


12-Month Role, Oct 2022-23: Content Creation, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Photography,  Social Media,  

Design , messaging and content

Following on from the website design and development program that went live in 2022, I was subsequently engaged to oversee the digital design and content program for Gibraltar Hotel Bowral, bringing all digital content and messaging in line to reflect the premium quality and positioning of the hotel.

Responsibilities of the role included strategy, implementation, and creating all digital content for their social media platforms, website design and maintenance, and developing a blog to promote events and improve the hotel’s SEO footprint, focusing on conferencing and events. Disciplines required to fulfil the role included content writing, graphic and digital design, illustration, photography and video production. The management and marketing aspects of the role included social media and SEO strategy, planning and reports, and working with the relevant internal and external stakeholders.

One of my last responsibilities in the role (before the new hotel branding and website took effect) was to write a whole lot of content for the new Park Proxi Bowral website, which looks every bit luxurious. See the link below.

Content writing, photography, illustration, multi-platform artworks and video production