Funnells Electrical guyadamson 18 February 2024

Funnells Electrical

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Logo & Identity Design, Content & Copywriting, Website Design & Development, SEO

Content & Copywriting, Website Design & Development

Approached by Funnells Electrical to design and develop their website, including in-depth content writing around their services and capabilities, and at the same time, invigorating their SEO footprint. Also, a small tweak of the logo design for digital, having launched the rebrand several years earlier.

The website was designed and built on the WordPress platform. It features a fully customised interface and incorporates best-of-breed technologies, including a highly customisable form plugin, several anti-spam solutions, and detailed SEO work to further their profile and footprint. The interface design is ‘professional industrial’ with a striking look and feel, strong branding, intuitive navigation and site structure. Every page and element was designed and tested for desktop, tablet and mobile.

In-depth research into the company’s history, range of services, capabilities and qualifications was a pre-requisite to developing a rich vocabulary of informative website content. The language is concise and engaging, featuring bold captions and succinct summations of the business services and capabilities.

Responsive design with strong branding and a striking colour palette