Gibraltar Hotel Bowral guyadamson 29 August 2022
Gibraltar Hotel Bowral

Hospitality, Accommodations & Lodging, Food & Beverage


Copywriting, Photography, Website Design & Development

Website Design, Copywriting & Photography

Designed and developed a content-rich website for Gibraltar Hotel Bowral, featuring beautiful photography and sophisticated and eloquent language. The project involved producing a photographic library for the website and social media, in-depth content and copywriting around the services and hotel features and a responsive website design that’s versatile and scalable. Bold and striking photographic compositions with beautiful natural light are a feature. The design aesthetic balances modernity and sophistication with striking imagery, expansive use of space and classical typography. The language is casual, friendly and informative, with an air of sophistication.

Modern and clean design aesthetic with an expansive use of space and classical type treatments
"Put that birdie on ice or drink it straight! What better way to mull over a glorious day of sun, fairways and golf greens than a few quiet drinks with the vanquished at Harveys Bar."

Casual and playful copy

"Resplendent tones of cigar and chocolate, marble tabletops, neon lights and a dimly lit signature – Harveys Bar is everyone's hotel bar. Our grand arched diamond-quilted copper bar is your cue to wrest yourself from the day's thrall with a cocktail and bar stool."

Expressive and engaging copy